Storage Tips/Links

Published on 6/13/2016

Packing a Storage Unit

Below you will find some helpful tips when packing

1. Maximize the space:

Just about every one of our storage units are at least 8 feet tall, so you can stack your stuff to make the most efficient use of the storage space. Place the heavier, sturdier items at the bottom and stack the rest on top. (Ex. Totes or heavy boxes first) Do the legs come off the table? Mattress and couches can be tipped up on its end; Freezer, refrigerator, washer and dryers make excellent packing cartons for bedding, towels and clothing.

2. Hard to Reach:

Are there items you will need to reach frequently? Make sure to arrange items so you have a way to access your belongings at the back of your storage space also.(Ex. leave an aisle, or arrange furniture accordingly) Some larger units have doors on either side of the unit.

3. Label your boxes

It doesn't take long to forget what you put into the space, much less where in the space it is! Label your boxes/totes clearly and turn them out, so they are easily visible. Seal boxes completely with packing tape. This prevents dust accumulation inside. This does take extra time, but you will be happy you did when you are searching for that one thing. Always place valuables toward the back of the storage space just to be extra careful.


Do not store any type of FOOD , ( it can attract unwanted rodents). Do not store Fuel or Propane.(This puts yours and others belongings at risk)

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